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All Guilds Meeting - November 2012

Portrait de Doobes

2012 is almost finished as we complete yet another All Guilds Meeting in Kirel.  Many familiar faces joined us this time as well as a fun new Guild!  Lyrobot was also there to assist in moderator duties by storing questions and keeping the chatlog.  Speaking of which, here they are, both raw and cleansed, hot off the press, as well as the usual summary.

Guild of Writers

Branan, with a bit of assistance from Hoikas, came to speak for the GoW.  Their Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Contest was a great success and they have chosen a winner: Christian Walther!  His design, as well as a couple of runners-up will be featured in every hood on Gehn Shard very soon.  Branan also hinted at more such contests in the near future.

Mac, rarified and Christian Walther were in for (JWPlatt was OK, but absent due to Hurricane Sandy).  They will not know for sure if Cyan will go ahead with the latest batch of updates until sometime next week, but they figure it will be either November 12 or sometime in December.  These include the wonderful work that Skoader has done with the physics and other various fixed from around the community.  Their Minkata shard party was also a success thanks to Tai'lahr's coordination efforts.  They are also keeping in touch with Cyan about licensing issues, with Cyan still open to introducing fan content in some way.


Ly was next to present, briefly discussing the latest upgrade to Lyrobot's lengthy list of functions: the ability to utilize him to invite others to your personal Ages!  He's open to any other suggestions and hinted at other Fun House abilities for the bot in the near future.

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe took the stage next.  Ahlisendar updated the crowd about Uru2U and that episode 2 was well in the works.  Lyrositor then mentioned a CAVCON party in the works supported by the Guild but planned by explorers that would take place on November 24th (stay tuned for more on that in the coming days).  NoorMax is also about to release the third and final part of his A Journey Without an Ending series of articles for The Cavern Post.  Expect that in a day or two if all goes well.

Guild of Leaners

Finally, a brand new Guild took the stage for the first time to say hello and introduce themselves: the Guild of Leaners!  As most Guilds do, they encourage everyone to join who's interested...and to /leanleft, /leanright, etc. as much as possible!

And that's all for this month!  See you in December!

Translation Note: A Français translation of this content is available here.

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